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Press Releases 2018

Italian ceramic tiles take part in the 25th World Ceramic Tiles Forum in Brazil

The 25th World Ceramic Tiles Forum, the annual meeting of world ceramic tile manufacturers, will be held in São Paulo, Brazil from 7 to 11 November. This year’s event is organised by the Brazilian ceramic tile and sanitaryware manufacturers’ association ANFACER.  


The Forum will be attended by representatives of Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and the European Union, countries that account for around 90% of world ceramic tile production. The Confindustria Ceramica delegation representing Italy is led by the association’s Chairman Giovanni Savorani, Director General Armando Cafiero and Vice Director Luciano Galassini. Alfonso Panzani, Vice Chairman of the European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Federation CET, will also be present.  


The agenda covers all the main themes of interest for the ceramic industry. Following the presentation of global data on production, consumption and international trade in ceramic tiles, there will be work sessions in which each participating country will outline the state of its ceramic and construction industries. The second stage of the forum will focus on ISO technical standards relevant to ceramic tiles, with particular emphasis on aspects of sustainability, energy saving and the circular economy. Plenty of coverage will be given to the new customs codes for ceramic products which have been applied differently in the various countries as of January 2017. There will be a discussion of themes relating to sustainable development and, to conclude, specific reports focused on the promotional strategies adopted by the different countries.



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